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The aim of Wado karate is not merely perfection of the physical techniques of self-defence but the development of a mind that is tranquil yet alive, able to react intuitively to any situation.

Wado, meaning the way to peace and harmony, is one of the four major styles of karate in Japan and was founded in 1934 by Grand Master Hironori Otsuka. Wado is in essence a primary combination of Gichin Funakochi’s Shurite karate and Tasusaburo Nakayama’s Shindo Yoshinryu jujutsu, incorporating some techniques from the Japanese Kobudo.

Some of the harsher or hard contact elements of sparring technique, typical of many karate styles, are not present in Wado. Grand Master Otsuka rejected hardening certain parts of the body, such as hand conditioning, as unnecessary.

In Wado, as skill and knowledge are acquired through training and concentrated effort, the student is expected to develop inner strength and calmness of character, as well as the virtues of self-control, respect for others, and true humility.

The Wado knowledge taught by Wado Canada follows a direct lineage from Grand Master Hironori Otsuka, to the late Master Masaru Shintani, and now with Shihan Greg Reid. Learn more about the history of Wado and our lineage here.

The path of martial arts is the path of peace. By mastering the path of martial arts, which is the path of peace and desiring the path of peace consequently, is indeed the true path of the martial arts. The essence of the path of martial arts lies in the peace and happiness of all human beings.

Hironori Otsuka, founder of Wado

Our Mission

Why study karate?

The emphasis on developing the whole body through regular exercise and training make karate an excellent means of promoting good general health and fitness.

Highly dynamic, karate makes balanced use of the various body muscles, provides excellent all-around exercise and develops coordination and agility.

Further benefits include improved self-discipline, strength and flexibility.

In addition to its many physical benefits, karate training can improve self-confidence and leadership skills among others.

Karate training helps students develop practical self-defence skills in a controlled atmosphere, and is an excellent way to relieve stress.

Karate, like most martial arts, is 90 per cent mental and 10 per cent physical.

Karate is a true mental, spiritual, and physical workout for people of all ages.

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