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Becoming a Member

Membership in Wado Canada gives access to belt rank gradings, sports insurance, Master’s seminars, newsletters, competitions, instructors certification, and community.

In keeping with the character of a federation, each school operates independently, yet all are bound by the common ideals set forth in the Wado Canada Constitution and Bylaws.

Wado Canada provides Kyu and Dan standards to all member dojos. Kyu gradings are the responsibility of each dojo, and certificates are issued by Wado Canada. Kyu grading fees are determined independently by each dojo, and a nominal fee is paid to Wado Canada.

Wado Canada works towards the advancement of Wado karate for the betterment of our members and the communities in which we live.

Our Mission

Membership FAQs



  • I'm an instructor of a local dojo, how do my dojo and I join Wado Canada?
    Contact us and let's have a conversation.
  • I am a current or future student of karate and I'm looking for a dojo, what are my next steps?
    Use our dojo finder to find and connect with a Wado Canada member school near you!
  • What are the costs associated with becoming a member dojo of Wado Canada?
    Member schools remit fees annually on behalf of all of their members: Current Fee Schedule (2023) Annual Membership Fee per student: Under 18 $12.50, 18 or older $25 Grading fees: $20 per non-black belt rank certified, $100 for black belt ranks Logo trademark License Fee: Please contact us for more information regarding use of our registered trademark. Fees are subject to change at any time, please contact us to confirm current fee schedule.
  • What other benefits come with membership?
    Wado Canada member schools may benefit from: - Sports liability insurance coverage for member schools - Belt rank gradings & certificates - Expert seminars from senior technical instructors - Membership in a large national organization with a strong voice for Wado Karate - Links to other dojos across Canada - Access to Wado lineage resources including instructional videos, newsletters, books, and seminars
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