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Terms of Use


Welcome! This website, is owned and operated by Wado Canada, a non-profit organization in Canada. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact: 

Wado Canada

Address: TBC



This document sets out the Terms & Conditions you need to be aware of when using this website. Please take a moment to read them, as they set out your important rights and obligations while you use the site. When you visit this website, use our services or purchase products from Wado Canada you agree that you are over the age of 13 and willing to be bound by our website Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy. If you don’t accept this agreement, you should not continue to visit this website or purchase from us.


On this website you will find written resources such as articles, blog posts, and contact information. You will also find a map of schools, study and grading resources, and contact forms. This information is provided for education and personal development. 


The information and resources shared on this site are for informational purposes only. It is generalised guidance and not intended to be specific advice. Testimonials and other promised results are no guarantees of your own results should you decide to learn from and train with Wado Canada or our affiliate schools. The information and content on our website may be modified at any time, including altering or deleting it without notice. 


The information provided on this site is for personal use, generalized information, and registration decision-making. You are responsible for your own safety and well-being at all times. The site and content creator cannot be held responsible for any unexpected results that arise from using and implementing the information contained on the site. 


While we take every care to ensure that the material available for download from this site is safe and trouble-free, you use the internet at your own risk. Please make sure that you have adequate and up-to-date internet security and protect yourself against malicious interference. If you have any difficulty with the download, please contact us at  


We provide external links to resources that we think you might find helpful. However, we are not responsible for the content of these externally linked sites. If something doesn’t look right, please let us know. 


We are sometimes involved with third party and affiliate advertising for schools, programs, and content that may be helpful for you. We are not responsible for the content of any advertisements or affiliate content that are displayed on the site. We have no part in or responsibility for any transaction entered into between you and the advertiser/affiliate business or schools. 


Anyone who purchases any products from this site, including registration fees, clothing and merchandise, audio or video recordings, event attendance, online programs, and/or future online or in-person products or offerings takes sole responsibility for the outcome of purchasing these products. Wado Canada cannot be held responsible for unexpected (or no) results, based on the purchase of these products. In terms of training, events, summits or classes, it is up to you to show up, do the work on a consistent basis, and deliver feedback in order to see results. 

Collection of Private Information


When you sign up for a class or contact us using a form on this website, we collect your name and your email address, gender pronouns, birthdate, and other related information in accordance with the Canadian Privacy Act (PIPEDA) and our Privacy Policy. Web servers on which this site is hosted automatically collect the IP Address of visitors to this site. Digital markers such as cookies may also be stored on your computer so that the web server can more easily recall the site visits. For more detailed information on the collection and handling of personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property


The content of this website is protected by copyright. No portion of this website may be copied or replicated in any form without the written consent of the website owner. You may use or reference this information for personal, non-commercial use. Content may not be sold or copied without express written permission from Wado Canada. Content may be shared freely on Social Media channels so long as you link back to this site and credit Wado Canada. 


The Wado Canada Logo is registered as a Trademark to Wado Canada. The use of this trademarked materials is governed solely by Wado Canada and its Board. Member dojos and global affiliates must make arrangements for the rights to use the Wado Canada Logo with the Wado Canada Board directly. A nominal fee applies to use the logo for a designated period time. Thank you for respecting the use of the Wado Canada Logo. 

Payment Terms


Payment to Wado Canada may be made in the form of credit card, PayPal, Stripe, Bank Deposit, E-Transfer, or cash; these forms of payment may be modified at any time without prior notice. 

Shipping and Delivery


In the event where you receive a physical object via shipping, we will ask for your address in order to send you the product. If there is a problem with shipping an item and you do not receive it, please contact us directly to sort it out. If the item is something you have purchased and it is lost or damaged (as per shipper’s records), normal channels for recovery/compensation will be used with the shipper. 


Delivery of online programs, meetings, and content is through a number of channels that may include Skype, Zoom, Facebook, through our website or related programs. 

Returns Policy

The Returns Policy below applies to the following products & services:

  • Merchandise

  • Events – Online or in-person



All merchandise purchases are considered Final Sale. There are no refunds on merchandise designed and/or sold for specific events (ie. Summits) There are no refunds on DVD purchases of training. Any other refunds are at the sole discretion of the merchandise coordinator. If you experience an issue with an order, please contact us. 


 Event registration fees are collected at the time of registration. Each event will have its own specific refund policy. Please review carefully before purchasing and/or registering. There are no refunds on events that have already occurred whether or not you could attend for any reason. Any other refunds are at the sole discretion of the event organizer and/or subcommittee. 

A problem with a purchase is defined and protected for both parties under Consumer Protection Law in Canada and in the Province of British Columbia.

Please visit and for the most up to date information on your rights as a consumer with a Canadian business. 



Coaching and training results with Wado Canada are not guaranteed. The results that you may achieve are dependent on a wide range of factors that are unique to you. This includes your personal circumstances, the amount of effort you put in, unexpected life events, natural disasters or other world events. 


Visitor Information


Communication should be engaging, respectful, curious, and compassionate to your fellow human. Comments on blogs, social media profiles, and interactions on this site should be respectful at all times. Any spam, comments of a malicious nature, harassment, or comments that discriminate against people, religion, sexual orientation, skin colour, etc. will not be tolerated and will be deleted immediately and the user will be blocked from the site. 


If you are a member or subscriber to a training or program, the same guidelines for respectful communication apply. Be kind, be compassionate to your fellow human, and engage in discussion/discourse that respects the opinion of your fellow human. Harassment and abusive language will not be tolerated, and you will be removed from the member area/community if repetitive abusive language occurs. Removals are at my sole discretion.


Affiliate and 3rd party content may occasionally appear on this site. Any guest writing and 3rd party content represent the opinion of that party, and not necessarily Wado Canada. If you have any questions about 3rd party content, please reach out to us! 


These terms and conditions apply to all services purchased or provided through this website or through arrangement with a Wado Canada representative.



This agreement, Terms & Conditions applies within the jurisdiction of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. In the event of any dispute the governing law of Canada will apply. These Terms & Conditions were last updated in August 2023.


Courtesy Statement

These website Terms & Conditions were crafted with the support and input of Michelle Whitehead d.b.a. Carefree Counsel through The Serenity Connective Community. Instead of copying these directly, please check out her work and her DIY Packs at  

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